Our four-month program is designed to help students build meaningful relationships in their community, access a wide range of social services, develop critical life and job skills, continue their education and secure meaningful employment.

The program has three main components:  


GED classes  

Our students spend half of their time in the program taking GED classes and preparing for the GED test itself through The College Readiness Department of the Houston Community College system. We also offer optional support to students interested in furthering their education beyond a GED. 

Job training

Through YouthBuild Houston, an initiative of SER – Jobs for Progress, students spend about 40 percent of their time acquiring valuable job skills and work experience. Students will take occupational skills classes, earn a stipend for working in a local business, and work toward one of four credentials: the NCCER Core Credential, the Multi-Craft Core (MC3) Credential, the Customer Service and Sales Credential, and the Office Essentials Credential. 


Students spend about 10 percent of their time in activities designed to help them acquire life skills, develop as leaders, and learn through community service. Our enrichment programing includes things like sports, art, poetry, financial literacy, and music production.