Job Readiness, Employment and Career Exploration


Job Readiness:

The 8 Million Stories program seeks to instill valuable employee skill sets and career exploration opportunities for all of their youth.  Through partnerships with local employers we aim to provide environments that are conducive to on the job training for youth with limited work experience. In the past two years, the program has focused on vocational training certifications in such as customer service and food handling.

career exploration:

Through our Career Exploration program we believe that by providing a better understanding of the working world, our students can more easily envision how they fit successfully into that world. Knowing the preparation they will need for specific careers, students also become better able to set realistic goals for themselves and pursue them. Ultimately, the Career Exploration program will offer opportunities to improve the attitudes of our students about their career possibilities, motivating them to persevere.


We believe that providing our students with employment opportunities creates an accountability that moves our them from being purely recipients of services and support to team-members that must take responsibility for themselves and how their actions affect those around them. The Eight Million Stories program provides ongoing support to students during their time of employment with our partners.